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Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired By Donna Ballman - Book review

Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

Resolve Workplace Crises Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards

By: Donna Ballman

Published: September 21, 2012
Format: Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN-10: 1601632355
ISBN-13: 978-1601632357
Publisher: Career Press

"This guide is a quick reference to some of the most important questions that come up about employee rights", writes practicing employment law attorney Donna Ballman, in her clear and concise book Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired: Resolve Workplace Crises Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards. The author describes solutions to the most frequently encountered issues in employment law, how to avoid being fired should an employer break the law, and how to gather evidence when necessary on problem bosses.

Donna Ballman recognizes that much information exists regarding the rights of employees in the workplace. The author points out that many employees believe, mistakenly, that they have rights that do not exist under employment law. On the other hand, employees are not aware of the legal rights they do possess. Mistakes and misinformation result in serious costs for employees who act rashly, foolishly, or even against their own best interests. Danna Ballman offers the important advice that everything an employee puts in writing can and will be used against that individual. Donna Ballman sets the record straight as to what rights exist, how to use them effectively to buttress a case against a problem employer, and how to stand up for yourself without being fired as a result of your actions.

Donna Ballman (photo left) understands that employment law is complex, and very often myths and misunderstandings are believed to be true. Instead of basing a claim against an employer based on those false assumptions, the author presents a
straightforward and readily grasped series of chapters, covering every aspect and time frame of an employee's tenure with the company.

Donna Ballman provides a methodical examination of the laws governing the various stages of any employee's career. The stages of the career, and the appropriate law are as follows:

* In the beginning: Applications, interviews, Accepting the job, contracts
* The first few weeks: Starting your new job
* Basics while you are working: Wages, hours, breaks, benefits, sick time, e-mail, social networking, at-will, right to work
* Bad stuff happens: Discipline, bullies, coworkers, harassment
* Good stuff happens: Promotions, new contracts
* Evidence gathering: What you need to prove discrimination, harassment, whistle-blowing
* The end: Layoffs, terminations, references, severance
* Post-employment blues: Unemployment, defamation, non-competes, confidentiality, interference with new employment

For me, the power of the book is how Donna Ballman presents the relevant employment law, for the various phases of an employee's career, in an clear and no nonsense format. The author guides the reader through the myriad of employment law situations, and includes crucial tips in each chapter to prevent the employee from making costly mistakes. Donna Ballman clears up the many misconceptions, and some long held ideas about law that are not true.

The author also provides some essential advice for handling delicate employment issues including discrimination, harassment, and hostile work environments. Through this often conusing maze of scenarios, the author shines the light of law on the situation, and guides the employee toward a successful resolution. Donna Ballman, very importantly, advises the employee to consider the book's advice to be a basic employment law primer. The book is not to be taken as the last word, and the author recommends seeking professional legal assistance where needed.

I highly recommend the valuable employment law primer Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired: Resolve Workplace Crises Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards by Donna Ballman, to job seekers, employees at any stage of their careers and working life, entrepreneurs, and employers of all types, who are seeking a very hands on and easy to understand reference book on employment law. This book could prevent a costly mistake by an employee, and help prevent problems developing on the part of the employer as well.

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