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Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed by JoAnn R. Corley - Book review

Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed

How to manage your time, space, & priorities to work smart, get results, & be happy

By: JoAnn R. Corley

Published: November 6, 2011
Format: Paperback, 152 pages
ISBN-10: 1466481412
ISBN-13: 978-1466481411
Publisher: CreateSpace

"Overwhelm is the emotional response that is triggered when your brain gets a signal that too much is going on for you to reasonably process and thereby threatens the desire and possibility of getting things done in a way that you think you should", writes speaker and coach JoAnn R. Corley, in her very practical and results oriented book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed: How to manage your time, space, & priorities to work smart, get results, & be happy. The author describes how being overwhelmed, in the face of layoffs and the remaining people being asked to do more, is the new normal. As a result, JoAnn Corley shares ideas and strategies for regaining control over time, space and work priorities.

JoAnn Corley understands that employees are under tremendous stress in the workplace. People feel overwhelmed, and the author points out that the deeper emotion is one of fear. To counter this sense of fear that leads to being overwhelmed and unable to cope with the demands of the job, JoAnn Corley offers a two pronged approach to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and no longer in control. The first part of the remedy is to manage yourself and your own reactions to the day's events. The author calls this managing yourself on the inside. The second part of the remedy is manage what is happening outside that can be controlled by the individual. The approach presented by the author is one that works from the inside out.

JoAnn R. Corley (photo left) recognizes that simply providing another book on time management or organization is insufficient to overcome that sense of being overwhelmed at work. In this new normal of the over-demanding workplace, the JoAnn Corley emphasizes the need to work smarter than ever before. As a result, the author shares the strategies, tools, and tips to achieve greater results in less time.

To facilitate these various techniques and strategies, JoAnn Corley offers her overall philosophy for empowering the individual. The philosophy includes the following points:

* Stay grounded in reality and focus on what you can influence and control
* Approach everything in small bites to keep it simple
* Find a way to improve your performance by 1% per day
* Don't get hung up on tools, technology, and tips

For me, the power of the book is how JoAnn Corley goes beyond the standard time management books, to add the critical elements, that are missing from those books. Instead of the usual focus on the tips, techniques, and tricks, the author precedes them with an understanding of decision making and choices. JoAnn Corley goes a step beyond other books as well, and makes herself available through seminars and coaching. There is also a consideration of the importance of social media for adding value and interaction with the readers.

JoAnn Corley includes a series of very valuable tips for better managing time and organizing office and desk space. These concepts, however, are always presented within the context of making decisions, proper choices, and personal empowerment. Each chapter is a hands on group of ideas that can be applied readily, and right away to help achieve that 1% daily improvement, and to remove that sense of being overwhelmed by events.

I highly recommend the transformational and idea filled book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed: How to manage your time, space, & priorities to work smart, get results, & be happy by JoAnn R. Corley, to anyone seeking a refreshing and holistic approach to removing that sense of being overwhelmed in the workplace. This book will change your perspective and empower you to get more done, and achieve greater results, than ever before.

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