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Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Just Run It! by Dick Cross - Book review

Just Run It!

Running an Exceptional Business Is Easier Than You Think

By: Dick Cross

Published: April 3, 2012
Format: Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN-10: 1937134008
ISBN-13: 978-1937134006
Publisher: Bibliomotion

"Businesses struggle because so few of the would-be drivers of the new economy know how to convert their dreams, their ideas, their courage, and their initiatives into successful businesses", writes turnaround CEO, private equity partner, consultant, and the originator of The Mid Tier Presidents Course for Executives at Harvard, Dick Cross, in his visionary and thought provoking book Just Run It! Running an Exceptional Business Is Easier Than You Think. The author describes how business leaders lack an overarching knowledge base for running a successful business, and shares his holistic principles for for operating any company from a start up venture to an established company.

Dick Cross recognizes that the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive, but the overall guiding skill set for running a business are not well known. The author proposes a comprehensive and holistic system for operating a company, but points out that exactly the opposite concept is the dominant paradigm. Instead of examining and learning the whole picture of how to run a business, leaders and managers examine only the parts rather than the whole. Dick Cross shares an alternative vision of looking at and running a business in its entirety. The author presents his guiding principles of holistic business management, in an understandable format, that is easy to apply to any company. Dock Cross states that these principles will benefit any company, as well rebuild as entire industries, and strengthen the economy as a whole.

Dick Cross (photo left) understands that if start up and established companies are going to be more successful, then a new approach to running a business is a requirement. The author points out the current standard practice of deconstructing the entirety into its component parts is not effective. Dick Cross presents the vision of a holistic approach to business management, that considers the whole, rather than its individual parts. Instead of a top down approach, the author provides his alternative concepts as a bottom up methodology.

To bring a complete and overarching framework into practice. Dick Cross shares his three transformational elements for renewing a company. Those three elements are:

* A "Back of an Envelope framework that considers customers, customer needs, positioning, and competencies

* A three part Visio-Strategy-Execution framework that traverses between the big picture overview and execution at the ground level

* The Cross Renewal Model that means each outcome must surpass previous outcomes to constantly renew the company

For me, the power of the book is how Dick Cross provides comprehensive evidence, through his personal experience that a holistic foundation for running a business is the most successful approach. Along with this comprehensive overview, the author shares his proven vision and strategies for transforming and renewing any business, regardless of its stage in the company life cycle. The book is both theoretical and very hands on, providing both the big picture elements and the ground level execution described by the author.

The holistic approach to running a business also includes important sections on rebuilding a company culture, demystifying leadership and management, and embracing the very human aspects of operating a company. Dick Cross also adds examples of the principles in action, both from his own experience, and from those of other companies. The author also shares his comprehensive vision, for rebuilding the overall economy, through a widespread introduction of his business concepts.

I highly recommend the very practical and idea filled book Just Run It! Running an Exceptional Business Is Easier Than You Think by Dick Cross, to any business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking a clear, concise, very usable guide to running their companies successfully. This book will cause you to think about running a business in an entirely different way from any that you may have been taught in the past.

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