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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

The Atmosphere and Ocean: A Physical Introduction, 3rd Edition by Neil C. Wells - Book review

The Atmosphere and Ocean

A Physical Introduction, 3rd Edition

By: Neil C. Wells

Published: January, 24, 2012
Format: Paperback, 424 pages
ISBN-10: 0470694688
ISBN-13: 978-0470694688
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

"It has been shown that surface topography and the shape and interlinkage of the ocean basins have a significant effect on the circulation of both the atmosphere and ocean. This, in turn, affects the biological productivity of the land and ocean", writes lecturer in the Oceanography department at Southampton University in ocean modeling, climate and sea air interaction, Neil C. Wells, in the revised and updated edition of his authoritative and accessible book The Atmosphere and Ocean: A Physical Introduction, 3rd Edition. The author describes the interaction between the Earth's atmosphere and the planet's oceans, as well as the interdependence between them.

Neil C. Wells recognizes that the Earth's oceans are interdependent with the planetary atmosphere. At the same time, the actions share common dynamics resulting from the Earth's rotation. Neil Wells presents the fundamental differences between the oceans and the atmosphere, resulting in a clearer understanding of both the ocean and the atmosphere. The author also guides the student toward a deeper recognition of the the interplay between the atmosphere above and the oceans below. The author provides a physical basis for the understanding of the interaction of ocean and atmosphere, and includes the latest research and observations of atmospheric and oceanic circulation.

Neil C. Wells (photo left) includes the latest developments and research findings in this updated edition. With many recent observations on the inter-relationship between ocean and atmosphere, these new findings enhance the value of the book. The emphasis remains on the interdependency of the atmosphere with the planet's oceans through their physical properties. The newest discoveries in atmospheric science are added by the author to the well understood scientific concepts underpinning the disciplines.

This revised and updated textbook contains new chapters as follows:

* Observed circulation of the atmosphere and ocean
* Energy flows in the ocean atmospheric system
* Models of the ocean and atmosphere
* The ocean atmosphere system and climate

For me, the power of the book is how Neil C. Wells has combined the well understood scientific principles underlying the study of ocean and atmosphere, with the latest observations of both the ocean and the atmosphere. The author presents the material in an accessible and logical format that will enhance the learning and understanding of the topics for undergraduate students. The presentation by Neil C. Wells will also boost the enthusiasm of students for the material and spur additional research and study in the area of ocean atmosphere and their impact on global climate.

Neil C. Wells focuses on the physical properties of the ocean and atmosphere both on earth and in relation to the Sun, as well as the influence of the Earth's rotation on the dynamics of the interrelationship between ocean and atmosphere. For enrichment of understanding, and for learning the material presented more deeply, each chapter contains problems for the students to work out the principles for themselves. The author provides numerous graphics in each chapter to further illustrate the principles presented in that section.

I highly recommend the comprehensive and readily understandable book The Atmosphere and Ocean: A Physical Introduction, 3rd Edition by Neil C. Wells, to any advanced undergraduate students in meteorology, climatology, oceanography, and earth sciences. The book is valuable as well as to any business leaders and public policy makers seeking an approachable book on the topic of the interdependency between the ocean and atmosphere. This book is an excellent and accessible textbook on the topic and should be given priority for anyone interested in learning and understanding the principles of the interrelationship between the planet's atmosphere and its oceans.

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